Chevrolet Cruze, Rich and Elegant

Do you want to have a sedan car with more elegance and expensive look with the high performance and great experience? You will find it when you are driving Chevrolet Cruze. 2018 Cruze has been upgraded and improved. You will not find any lacks from the headlight to the taillight. It is great for the high class business people. Even, the exterior design will support your performance and for your daily activities both in an office or home. You will not be disappointed with this Cruze for sure.

Chevrolet Cruze Details

Chevrolet Cruze has more handsome design and the high class detail for the interior. The handsome look is more stylish for the new Cruze. It has been improved with more modern and sophisticated look. The face of this car is sharper and more stylish with LED headlight. The interior design is more expensive in detail. It has high quality material and features. The infotainment is upgraded with more system including the engine and safety system where offer quieter and smoother ride. Chevrolet Cruze has the greater power than before. It can enhance and support your performance so well. There are three options of the powertrains.

For the base, Chevrolet Cruze has 1.8 liter engine with four-cylinder. You can also get 1.4 liter of turbocharged and 2.0 liter of turbo diesel four. This is what makes the class of Cruize is raising. There is an option for the turbo-diesel engine option. All trims of Cruze run smoother and quieter. It has some trims with different price. If you want the cheaper price, you can go with Cruze LS with $17,745, 1LT with $19,065, ECO with $20,095 and 2LT with $23,270. That is for the base price. You can get more prices with more accessories and systems are installed in this car. But sure, the rich and expensive look with the luxury layers can be seen when you are driving this car.

Chevrolet Cruze

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