Scion FR-S, Affordable Sport Car Design

Comes with the new expression, well-executed, simple and straightforward sport car design, Scion FR-S will break the silence when you drive this car with full power both in the city and highway. You will be the king driving this perfect sport car. There is no lack or something missed from every detail both inside and outside. This Scion is more affordable with new power and performance. It is more engaging with the lower price than the same specification car where it can has the twice more.

Scion FR-S Impression

Scion FR-S has very impressive detail from the exterior body shape and paint. It gives more power and gutsy expression from the sharp eyes of the headlight to the sporty accent of taillight. Even, Scion has improved the accent of this car to be simpler but it has high class interior quality from the features, safety system and infotainment features. There are more upgraded equipment and perfected with the latest technology of Scion where it gives a nimble handling. If you love sport car design, impressive power, aggressive performance, but it has the affordable price, Scion FR-S is the answer. It is priced at $24,900 to $30,090. It depends on what the engine types or trims you want. It is powered with 2.0 liter of four cylinder engine and it creates 200 horsepower.

This Scion FR-S can run up to 7,400 rpm of redline. Even, it has more power to show. The radical performance gives this FR-S more powers. It is the answer for the rivals and it always gets more customers because of the cheaper price but it doesn’t have cheap-feeling because the body shape and detail is really amazing. It handsome, muscly and gives the driver more dignity. You will drive this car with more pride both in the city and highway. The power gives you a new experience of driving.

Scion FR-S

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