Fantan game deposit patterns

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Fantan game deposit patterns

For the form and method of playing the Fantan game. For example, Fantan rules come from the famous casino website UFABET. Which is a standardize website and is widely accepted by Thais and foreigners. There are 3 styles of playing Fantan. Which can be divided as follows:

  • Single bet style

The form of playing single bets is to place bets that will award a pea-sized amount of 1/4 of all single bets. That’s a favourite.

  • Teng 1 lentil must have 1 leftover.
  • 2 beans, there must be 2 leftovers.
  • 3 beans, there must be 3 leftovers.
  • 4 beans, there must be 4 leftovers.

In which the prize money rate of a single. Favorite play style will give a prize money of up to 1 to 2.85. That means that the player. Can choose to bet on two answers to hope for a prize of 0.85, for example. If single bet 2 goes to 100 baht. The result comes out with a remainder of 2. That means you are the winner, you will receive a total prize money of 100 baht, the payout rate of 2.85 equals 285. Plus a capital of 100 baht = 385 baht.

Fantan rules, other types of betting

  • 2 tot play styles

For the 2-digit Toad style of play. It is to bet on 2 numbers in order to guess the outcome. What the remainder of the remainder will be in the form of. For example, if you say that the beans. Should be left with a fraction of 1 and a fraction of 3. The result comes out with a fraction of 1 or 3. Just as you have already receive the winnings. The online gambling website has made a table for you to choose from as follows. the following

  • number 1-2
  • Numbers 1-3
  • Numbers 1-4

For betting on Tod, that number will have a payout rate of 1 to 0.95.

For example, if you guess that the result of the retribution will be a number 1-3, you place a bet of 1-3 with 100 baht, it appears that the result is a fraction of 1. That means you are a winner and win. Receive a total prize money of 100 * 0.9 5 = 95 + 100, that is, 195 baht, including the capital itself.

Fantan technique, a simple stabbing method

Predicting the outcome of this 3-digit or 3-type bet will have a payout rate. The lowest is 0.3167. Players can guess. That the resulting bean shards are number1 to 4. With 3 out of 4 being the chosen ones. causing the rate of money to be cheaper. When a player is able to bet on any number within 3 numbers such as 4-1-2, 4-3-1, 4-3-2, 1-2-3. Just hit any number 1 will receive a prize money. At 0.3167 times the prize money example in the form of 3 and receiving the prize money when you bet on the number 3 to 4-3-2 with an investment of 100 baht.

The result appears that the remaining fraction has a 3 or 2 numbers, any 4 numbers Just this one, you will receive a prize money at the rate of 1 to 0.3167, and when you bet on the total, you will get a total of 131.67 baht.