Havertz relieved that the Lion Air was not a wasted season

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Kai Havertz, Chelsea striker, scorer of important goals in the Champions League game. The round of 16, who beat Dortmund 2-0 yesterday, was proud that he and his team were able to restore some joy to the Stamford Bridge supporters after facing a difficult week.

The Blues were under a lot of pressure ahead of the ufabet game at Stamford Bridge. Having won just three of their last 16 games in all competitions. Plus the goal is still 0-1 behind from the first leg.  

But got better teamwork. Combining the coolness of Raheem Sterling and the penalty. Havertz scored a goal each, sending the team afloat into the quarter-finals with a 2-1 aggregate goal. 

Improve morale It is considered enough to ease the suffering. That has been facing since the 2022 World Cup. 

“I can’t imagine what was in my mind when I hit the post when I first hit the post. But then the referee gives a new shot,” he said via BT Sport.

“I admit that I is scared but I shot.” 

“Trying to wait for the moment. look at the goalkeeper It was a little easier when I got the second shot.” 

“The last two weeks have been a tough one for the team. We lost a lot of games. 

“But last night was an important victory because it was a big tournament. It is the last honor left to hope for a championship.” 

“We show good personality. and want to continue to maintain it.” 

The victory also saved head coach Graeme Potter. where he is the second British head coach which has won the Champions League in a single season at least 5 games since Newcastle’s Bobby Robson in the 2002-23 season (also 5 games)